USA Fluid -  Kawasaki cleanup

USA Fluid The Unlimited StrongArm
The Ultimate Penetrant, Lubricant, Rust Remover of All Time..
It's The Bikers Best Friend & Motorcycle Mechanics Right Hand Man !



Jim Pierce Watches it Come Back To New
The under seat area with corrosion and dirt that's on all the components begins to get treatment in the before picture here.

In this After picture, you can see how USA Fluid The Unlimited StrongArm has cleaned out all the corrosion and left a protective coating that will remain just as you see it.

Not only will USA Fluid keep it running better without problems with wiring and components, It will also keep the bike in new condition and maintain value as it becomes an antique in the upcoming years.

Here we see the detailing of the coves and wiping down of the aluminum crankcase and engine after USA Fluid has eliminated the oxidation on all the surfaces.

Close up detail of the rust on the chrome bolt which holds the headlight housing in place. The rust is brushed lightly after USA Fluid is applied. Wiping with a rag will clean off the lifted rust residue that was on the bolt. A small amount remains on the flat in the front and just need so be wiped off. It will not rust anymore when treated on an annual basis.

The final picture of the Motorcycle after completing the go round on the bike with the brush and rag. The seat is also treated and made more supple and preserved along the seams better. The bike can be put away in storage for Five years and will remain Exactly like this, plus dust that collects, but there will be no rust. That's USA Fluid. It puts back the life into things that run and keeps it there. USA Fluid is Embalming fluid for Motorcycles that keeps them perfect indefinitely.

got rust ?

Heck No !! Sorry!

Not around here !!

StrongArmSprays.Com is Canned Muscle !

RUST and Corrosion !
IT's been the Enemy of the Motorcycle !

Well NOT ANY MORE ! It Used To BE :-)

Just Hit it with the ARM !

NOW ! USA Fluid Brand Muscles through Rust and Turns Back The Clock On Rust and Corrosion to before it existed ! Eco - Safely too !

It Ultra Lubes Cables Waterproofs wiring and the entire bike for Years On and Off the Road.
AND you Paint right over it ON Fresh Metal OR USA Fluid Treated Rust when restoring and building ! Yea Buddy !! There's nothing like it anywhere.

Shut Down Dadgum Rust and Corrosion once and for all !

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