restores oxidized lead based paint surfaces and elliminates the toxic esposure.
USA Fluid is The Unlimited StrongArm
Legacy Antique Cleanup from 2007
Absolute Penetrant, Lubricant, Rust Remover, Corrosion Preventative
It's The Bikers Best Friend & Motorcycle Mechanics Right Hand Man in a Can

The overall view of Speedway Bike as it arrived at the Chief Blackhawk Swap Meet. It's been idle since the late 1940's when it last ran. Every surface is now corroded. Frame, fenders, the lead based paint, bolts and mounting hardware, engine surfaces of aluminum, iron and rubber. copper lines, exhaust, handlebars and springs. A full compliment of before and after photographs of various areas is shown below.
The overall view after treating the engine, frame and fenders, and doing some minor cleaning on the front hub and rim. Close up details of areas are shown below in before and after..

  • This 1930's Speedway Racer used pure methanol for fuel and ran at over 100 Mph.
    Rudge used the J. A. P. breed of engine with smart adapting to the front of the frame to receive the larger engine.
    This Rudge was the most solid, stable and sought after serious racing frame of it's time.
    All of the mechanical components on this motorcycle are now functional.

The Above pictures show the elimination of the aluminum
corrosion which automatically occurs with USA Fluid
on the valves and magneto and wiring.

Detail on the JAP engine and frame. Before in the left column in two pictures and after above in the right column.

Note the corrosion on the aluminum housings, the rusted metal lifter tubes, and the hardware on the engine mount as well as the oxidized lead based paint in the before pictures.

Simple brushing for several seconds with a bristle brush on the hardware and over the aluminum surfaces has removed rust and the greasy grime that instantly becomes visible after applying USA Fluid.

Never mind the recent recalls on Mattel toys made in China. Shown here is Pure Oxidized Lead Powder which is laying on the fender and frame as the lead based paint on these old machines oxidizes from the dampness in the air as they remain in storage over time.
The simple application of USA Fluid and wiping off the painted surfaces will halt, remove and eliminate the toxic condition of lead poisoning powder from coming out of the paint as time goes by. This treatment will maintain itself with the unit for a decade or more in dry indoor storage.
Young children should absolutely NEVER be allowed to climb all over and play on ANY old machinery that has lead based paint which is in this corroded condition as shown above, when wearing summer clothing with short sleeve shirts and shorts, because the powdered lead that's on the surface of the oxidized paint will get onto their exposed skin as they climb all over it and work itself into their bloodstream which causes lead poisoning.

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