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USA Fluid Usage 

Antique Silver Treatment
Shown here is a silver bowl the age of which is unknown.

The bowl is entirely corroded and black with tarnish. The one area that shines is the area that was cleaned with USA Fluid the Unlimited StrongArm Brand Conditioning Fluid. Only several drops are applied, and the surface is wiped with a cotton rag. The corrosion wipes away within a half minute of wiping. The patina is restored. The part of the bowl that has been cleaned is marked off in Green.

This sliver plate can now be put away in a display cabinet
and will not corrode again after years.

This is he silver bowl as it was purchased by a collector. The one spot on the right pointed to by the green arrow is where USA Fluid has been used to eliminate the oxidation.
This is the area which was cleaned, turned for better viewing.
This is the inside of the bowl showing the one area restored with USA Fluid. This is the inside of the silver dish after cleaning, in comparison to the rest of the oxidized silver of the dish. Minor buffing and wiping with Unlimited StrongArm Brand - just several drops is all it takes.

Surfaces conditioned in such a manner are now preserved for years on end in a showcase and will remain perfect.

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