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Examples of Antique Tin Can Restoration
with USA Fluid The Unlimited StrongArm Brand
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING whatsoever was done to this Antique Powder Can except the Application of USA Fluid !! Note how the Lead Based Paint is Restored & De-oxidized

The original look is returned.

All that was done on ALL the examples shown here is Application of USA Fluid and letting several minutes go by....

Shown here is an Antique Ice Cream Cone Dispenser used at old Soda Fountains & Drug Stores 80 years ago. After spraying with USA Fluid, you can now see paint on the flaps that was hidden by dust - it desired - the rusted areas can simply be wire brushed and then painted with touch up paint with a small paint brush - or it can be left in it's original condition.

Here's an old Galvanized can that is in good shape. All it needs is light wire brushing on the rusty areas and it is preserved, protected and restored.

Maytag Multi-Motor Oil Antique can.
StrongArm Brand has restored the paint surface of this can.
It was barely even readable before applying StrongArm Brand.

Cans treated in this manner are now corrosion proofed and can remain on display or in storage for years on end.

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