StrongArmBrand.Com cleans up bicycles and rust like no other in the world and Preserves them for a generation..
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BEFORE AND AFTER detail on an abandoned old totally rusted bicycle....

The part cleaned with USA Fluid the Unlimited StrongArm Brand is on the left.
This restoration process takes mere seconds, not hours:Apply, Brush, Wipe, Done.

Here's what Unlimited StrongArm Brand did for an old rusted bicycle that was found in a basement after 50 years
and was then strapped down out in the open air and riding on top of a service trailer out in the weather for the next 6 months..

Here's the bike before Applying USA Fluid the Unlimited StrongArm Brand. It's ALL RUST - ALL OVER.
The chain is rusted solid and the wheels can barely even rotate.

Note the sprockets, the chrome front fender and chrome rims. Just light brushing with a few ounces of pressure is all that was done. The rusted away seat was removed (see below for close up on that) and we were able to just sit on the rear fender and pedal and ride the bike around as good as new.

The rim and components Before.

AFTER: Here's the same front wheel, handlebars
and rim all cleaned up. Additional images of the cycle are shown in the pictures below..

The rear wheel, solid chain and paint Before StrongArm Brand.

Close-up of the sprocket and chain after StrongArmBrand and light bristle brushing.

Look how the seat is just rusted away into a skeleton of what it once was. There's complete detail on the restoration and damage free removal of the seat nut in the pictures below.

This is a close up of the rusted chrome rim before anything was done to it. The picture on the right shows the rim after light brushing and wiping that takes only seconds.

BEAR IN MIND THAT this bicycle and rims now has an invisible protective coating. It can now remain outside for several years BEFORE any rust will again begin. When put away indoors, the protection on the restored chrome will stay intact for a decade.! Without having to do anything or reapply.

Here's the DETAIL on the Seat hold down and adjuster nuts in their rusted Before condition....

Seat Clamp AFTER USA Fluid Treatment and sitting overnight.This is detail on the seat nut. The nut is shown on the left as it was on the bike before, and on the right AFTER it was removed with NO Thread Damage. As it comes loose, just work it back and forth, and advancing slowly, with a drop of USA Fluid Unlimited StrongArm Oil Applied to both sides. The nut removes from the stud with NO Tread Damage whatsoever.

With USA Fluid Unlimited StrongArm, This process is elevated to a whole new level.

Gone are the days of soaking these things in acids, Jellies that eat up the antique components, or using long term soaking washes and baths that take days and weeks.

It's way after the year 2000 Now. It's about time industry would wake up and come up with something Hi-Tech that gets the rust off without damaging the components or the environment.

That's Exactly what's happening here with USA Fluid Unlimited StrongArm Penetrating Oils.

Why should people today have to be living in a world with rust and corrosion forming on everything the same as when Columbus Discovered America back in 1492 during the dark ages..?
That's over 500 years Ago!

Unlimited StrongArm Brand gets your machinery out of the dark ages of rust, and keeps it fresh and new for life.
When you don't have USA Fluid, you simply look at this as a nut that will not come off without breaking. An impossibility. People then go for a hacksaw to cut it off.

Not so here. It's a rudimentary procedure after you get used to the Power of USA Fluid the Unlimited StrongArm Brand.

When Restoring an old bicycle for a collector piece, ALL of the original components should be retained as much as possible. That means restoring the nuts and bolts Also !!

The person who owns this bike will now take it and complete the restoration, cleaning the remaining areas,
and painting right over the surfaces which have been treated with Unlimited StrongArm Brand.

An outlined picture of the rim as it was being done showing the before and after condition inside the green circles.

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