Rust Removal From Chrome? It's a No Brainer with USA Fluid.
See Here what it can do for you with the examples shown...
Unlimited StrongArm Brand is An Atomic Bomb On Rust !!
It Knocks Rust right off the Chrome surface
Within Seconds after it's applied leaving a revitalized surface with Long Term Protection !!
Here on the right side we see the Same Wheels minutes later after cleaning between several of the spokes. Apply StrongArm Brand, Brush back and forth with a wire brush, wipe it with a rag and you're done ! That's it !
Above and below in the pictures on the left side are the rusted wheels of old bikes from 40-60 years ago before doing anything to them.
This Antique JC Higgins bike fender is Lead Based Paint. Shown Before and After, sprayed only, not wiped or anything else done. Note the rust on the left picture which is totally shut down on the right picture. The oxidation on the black paint is destroyed. The paint is restored and the fender can be left as it stands and protected for nearly a decade indoors. Classic Motorcycles will also benefit from this long term protection and value preservation.

A chrome wheel before and after cleaning between several spokes.

All rust over the chrome is completely removed within seconds of spraying, wire brushing and wiping with a rag.

That's all there is to it. !
Hit it with the USA Fluid
Brush it, wipe it, DONE.

This wheel is now preserved, waterproofed and will not rust for several years.

We started in the BEFORE Picture with a Frozen Chain of Rust !! This bicycle sat outdoors for over 2 years unused. The chain rusted solid and would not turn free. The derailleur was tight and would not move or shift. The cables were also tight. The sprockets were all rusted. The paint was corroded. Within several minutes of spraying this bicycle and wiping the StrongArm Brand onto the paint and cleaning off the crud, the chain was able to start being worked back and forth and rotating around the wheel. The shifter was worked back and forth and the chain again started shifting through the different gears. See how the rust and corrosion is ALL Gone in the AFTER picture above. This bicycle now again functions like a brand new bicycle. This bike now is back in the group ride.

Your cycle will be maintained corrosion free for life when USA Fluid is applied every couple of years. Imagine what USA Fluid can do on your collection.!

Unlimited StrongArm Brand supreme lube that will reduce all drag on the bike. Pedals and wheel bearings will be lubed better - you will feel the difference and see the improvement in coasting. Brake cables and parts will never become sticky or corroded any longer. It's better then new - a lean mean cycling machine.

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