StrongArm Sprays Penetrating Oil Rust Remover Chrome Cleaner Corrosion Block Waterproofer
Rust Removal From Chrome is a No Brainer with USA Fluid....
See Here what it can do for you with the example shown...
Antique Collectors like this products key features.
USA Fluid Penetrating Power is An Atomic Bomb On Rust !!
It Knocks Rust right off the Chrome surface within Seconds after it's applied !!

Chrome now reflects the cameraman and background where it's getting cleaned up. This table was kept in shed with car and tractor parts stored on top of it by it's owners "We always wished we could get rid of the rust and clean it up" is what they said.
USA Fluid makes that dream come true..

Very Chrome and Very Rusty. Very Shiny and New Again Like a Mirror After USA Fluid! Before and After are shown on this page...

USA  Fluid applied onto the chrome surface, Wire Brushed Lightly and wiped with a rag was all there is to the whole process..

Simple and effective. Rust Removal, Rust Control. Corrosion Elimination. Long Term Preservation.

That's what this is all about. Use It and KNOW IT.

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