StrongArmSprays Penetrating Oil Rust Remover Chrome Cleaner Waterproofer Corrosion Block Cutting and Drilling Oil Long Term Preservative

Rust Removal From Chrome is a
No Brainer with StrongArm Brand.
See Here is a Case History of what it can do for you with a Chrome Trailer Hitch...

Here's Final Close Up and Overall Detail on the Hitch after this Two Minute cleaning process is completed. IT is now preserved for years right were it is - in service. This man now lives in a world without rust. The Time, Expense, and Effort of replacement have all been eliminated with about 50 Cents worth of Unlimited StrongArm Brand! When you use a world class real product, you get real results, and you get it real fast.

The hitch didn't have to be taken off and soaked in rust remover tanks for days on end which is what other rust remover products want you to do, and then have no protection against rusting again. The invisible coating StrongArm leaves on the surface will protect it in use !
This Rusty Hitch shown below from before through cleanup sequence is on the back of a vendor's truck that carries oil heaters. We told him his hitch looks horrible and he said "Yea! I Know! Don't remind me, I've got to take it off before winter hits and throw it away and get a new one. It's Rusted to Junk!" The USA Fluid Guy then told him "If I can't get it to look like new with USA Fluid in 2 minutes, I'll give you $100.00 in cash to go and buy another hitch!" The vendor then said "I never heard of whatever penetrating oil stuff you just said, but I've got to see this to believe it, so GO Ahead!! Buddy! Your On! Show Me what it can do...!"
The pictures below take you through the sequence...
Here's what we start with: The typical possession of someone who lives in a world Without USA Fluid!
Here's the applying, Wire Brushing and Wiping Sequence, which is about a minute and a half total time. Remember, USA Fluid is An ULTRA Lubricant, so The Brush will NEVER scratch the surface of the chrome with light brushing of only ounces of pressure. That's Good News !!
Here's a final comparison to what it looked like before and after being cleaned with USA Fluid the Unlimited StrongArm Brand Rust Remover...

As Shown Above:
USA Fluid Penetrating Oil is like An Atomic Bomb On Rust !!
It Knocks Rust right off the Chrome surface and revitalizes it
Within Seconds after it's applied !!

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