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Under The Hood Engine Compartments

Before and After Applying USA Fluid the Unlimited StrongArm.
Human Hands NEVER Touched these vehicles. No Wiping or Anything.
The product was applied and then left alone for little while.
USA Fluid Takes Corrosion Right Out Of The Picture!

1962 Chevy Engine Compartment - Before and After Applying USA Fluid the Unlimited StrongArm. The vehicle was parked in like new condition in a barn and left untouched for decades, where it was purchased by a collector at an estate sale.

Absolutely Nothing was done here other then the applying and then closing the hood and coming back later on after dinner and lifting up the hood again and taking another picture. The white oxide of the lead based paint is shut down and the surfaces are all rejuvenated to their original condition. This treatment remains intact on this collector car for decades in storage.

70 Ford P/U
Currently Know as "Old Reliable" with over 980,000 Miles on it.
Here it was in 1993 - 25 Years ago parked and sitting with 375,000 Miles on it..


This truck was originally used by a well drilling company where it traveled 250 miles daily back and forth to well sites. It then was sold to a nearby old fellow goat farmer where it sat under pine trees next to a barn for 5 years and was only started several times. It got to where you see it right here in the BEFORE picture with the ignition wires so bad that if there was even ANY overnight dew or dampness the ignition had no spark and it would not start up the next morning. So the truck was just sitting parked under the pine trees and no longer used. Here one can of USA Fluid the Unlimited StrongArm was applied all over the entire compartment. The radiator was then removed and taken to a shop to fix leaks, and a garden hose was blasted all over the compartment for about 5 minutes to wash away all the pine needles and debris. After that, the engine simply started right up the with one click of the starter. The hose was then sprayed directly on the same ignition wiring and distributor and coil for several more minutes which before the USA Fluid treatment wouldn't even start up with just the dampness in the air !
And Now, as far as the engine was concerned, we were now watering a tree someplace else. The engine ran smooth and never missed a lick.
USA Fluid Takes the Machine and makes it Live Forever !
AND That's SAVING Buying another Truck which is $$ Money in the BANK !!

NOT WITHOUT USA Fluid the Unlimited StrongArm You Don't !!

Here's the radiator and grille totally caked with snow and ice from having the front of the truck pointed into 40 MPH winds blowing directly at all day long it from across the open fields.

This vehicle has NEVER EVER been put in a garage or kept indoors since it was obtained. It's the standing testimony of what USA Fluid, The Unlimited StrongArm can do to keep machinery in suspended animation and rust and corrosion proof indefinitely.

This vehicle is now known as "Old Reliable" by the retired car mechanic that worked on it in his backyard shop. It has Unlimited StrongArm Fluid applied to it every 4 to 8 years over various areas from the engine to underneath. This vehicle commuted between Pennsylvania and Florida; then back through Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, out to Oklahoma, Kansas up into Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota for a decade hauling Antique Iron Machinery. Now It sits in the prairies all winter & summer parked out in the hot sun. It hauled off old appliances, heavy old parts and hauled in loads of wood in the winter. During Real Bad Snow and Rainy Seasons, It's been used to carry shipping packages on roads instead of the newer delivery vehicles. When it's real ugly weather, we use "old reliable". One twist of the key and the engine just starts up and is running
Click the Video  To watch this snow engine sequence.

Here's the engine revving up to 4,000 RPM with gallons of water spraying right over the engine from all the snow melting that was caked into the radiator !!
Got a problem believing ALL this ? WELL We can't blame you one bit !

We know from years of experience that ALL the people in the world who haven't experienced what USA Fluid can do for them will always have a problem with something that seems this amazing.There's nothing amazing about it once you use it. At that point you know that this is the way it's Supposed to be !

There's only one way to solve your problem. Get some and go do this for yourself on an old engine, and when you Use it and Do it, You will Know it and it will become routine for you too.. It's just That Simple. Take The USA Fluid Unlimited StrongArm Challenge.....
Go Ahead! Make Your Day Brighter!
Take The Corrosion Out Of The Picture!

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