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Restoring an Original Antique Ludwig Snare Drum

USA Fluid Goes to work Reviving this instrument and takes it from a Rusted Frozen piece of junk back to a fully functional instrument !

Here is a start to finish disassembly of a Ludwig ACROLITE from 1970 era snare drum that spent decades abandoned and was even partially submerged under water as evidenced by the stains on the surfaces in the accompanying photographs...

A LONG DETAILED Sequence of pictures is shown here including details on loosening the tension pad, removing corrosion and rust effortlessly with NO damage to the rings, along with cleaning the body of the drum.

Click on the YouTube Video links to see the videos..

Preliminary Disassembly and Cleanup of various ares of the drum as well as before and after comparisons..

Full Details on the drum disassembly and cleaning progress with the pictures and videos as you scroll down.....

This is the drum as it was obtained. It's rusted on all the rings and skin areas.
You would never expect it to be usable by a professional musician without a major undertaking.
USA Fluid Takes ALL the Fight Out of the process !!

This part of the drum sat in water

Here's the snare rusted to the side rings with wires snapped and rusted away.

This is the water stain across the side and over the bottom ring into the snare spring.

 Drummer Justin J. Johnson aka band member "Peaches" wants to bring this drum back to life and add it to his stage performance set.

Lets Get Started with the process.
USA Fluid is applied over all the joints on the drum where everything comes together and meets and needs to come apart.

The studs that hold the rings to the body turn open easily and can be turned by hand.

Ring Removed !

Now we get to see the ugly rust that's set up on the chrome rings.
Here the snare is removed easily and will be discarded and replaced since the strands are rotted away.,

Now loosening the rest of the components and getting to the cleanup and detailing

Serial Number 1571604 on the Ludwig Olive Badge
Shown as a 1970 production year with varied numbers.

Detailed Ludwig Serial Number Page on these drums is HERE

Look at the total rust and corrosion on the tensioner. THIS will be made to adjust as good as new in just a few minutes

This is the video that shows the above mechanism becoming fully functional within a minuted after USA Fluid was applied to the threads.

This is the video that shows the above mechanism becoming fully functional within a minutes after USA Fluid was applied to the threads.

Brushing only with a 10 year old nylon grout brush it would be better to use a small wire brush on this. NO DAMAGE IS DONE to the surfaces with USA Fluid and any kind of brush !! WHY ??!
Because you only use 2 ounces of pressure
- not even as much as when you brush your fingernails or vegetables. AND with that little amount of pressure you will Never hurt the surface of chrome and steel !
USA Fluid doesn't eat the rust - the rust eats it!
USA Fluid Exfoliates the rust into a lipstick paste that becomes an ultra fine grit burnishing compound which cleans the surface back to it's original luster.

This shows the water line where the drum sat in water.

Here's the drum and components after the preliminary cleanup. Cleanup will continue later the band has to get in the van and take off and head to the next gig right now..

All the hardware is treated with USA Fluid and brushed and is now cleaned up and ready for reassembly when the detailing of the rest of the drum is completed. This drum will play for decades before rust can even begin with the USA Fluid preservative coating.

These rusted areas are treated and will be brushed and detailed with clean rags and several drops of USA Fluid later on.

USA Fluid on this aluminum drum body and wiping will bring it to a like new condition that WILL remain corrosion free for years on the road.

Look how nice the chrome rings are after applying USA Fluid Fluid and brushing lightly for a few seconds.
This video shows the effortless removal of rust from the chrome with either your finger or a little brush......

Places where the rust has gone below the pitting are wetted with USA Fluid and then scraped lightly with the edge of a screwdriver. The USA Fluid will penetrate under the pitting and put rust inhibitors under he plating so that rust like this CANNOT start up again.

Here's the rings cleaned thus far for several minutes.

Hardware is packed and rings are collected to got away. Skins will be replaced with new ones.

Here's his Facebook message comment on this snare drum information and cleanup..

Overview of the situation on this video..

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