User Testimonies is Unlimited StrongArm Frees Stuck Engines and Frees Frozen Bolts.
Written Testimonies from People who use USA Fluid...
"1927 Maytag Fruit Jar Engine - Freed up in 24 hours. Put USA Fluid on it and let it sit overnight. Checked it in the AM - still tight - by 2 in the afternoon she came loose"
....Ben Blackston, KS

"We bought an old engine from a scrap yard that was completely frozen and stuck for decades. We sprayed it with USA Fluid just before loading it onto my trailer. Then we hooked it to the winch on the truck and dragged it up onto the trailer; and it was already loose from just the  vibration of pulling it up a ramp onto the trailer.! "
.........Jeff Hutchings - Operator of The East Tennessee Crank Up Oil Well Engine Museum:

Comments from Customers that purchased USA Fluid is Unlimited StrongArm..

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