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Here's the area everyone's been looking for where you enter the information about what you are doing.

Tell us the story and the circumstances of the incredible and amazing things that USA Fluid the Unlimited StrongArm does on your stuff, and about the projects that you are working on.

Typical Testimony: "I mainly wrote because I wanted to give a testimonial for USA Fluid the Unlimited Strong Arm. I removed rust from a chrome bicycle rim in front of the people who bought the bike, and they were amazed. I showed them the can & told them to check out your site. My son Eric got my other cans up in his room & uses it to clean up his drum hardware." ......Late Rudy Binder, RIP

Enter your Testimony information right here..

Note: Your Email Address is Never EVER posted or disclosed.

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Additional Information: Be sure to put your Email address in so that we can get in touch with you if we have any questions about the description or picture images that you have sent. If it's an Antique Motorcycle, Tractor, Car or other kind of machine, be sure to give as much information as possible about the make, condition, where it was over time, how bad it was, how it was recovered, what was done as it was worked with, and so on.

Don't think no one cares about the details. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just remember that people that have not used StrongArm have no clue to the great power and performance that it can achieve. You who are using it and performing great things with it need to convey this information so that others with similar problems and situations can come to embrace what it does.

REMEMBER: Your Information and identity is absolutely Not Ever provided to anyone, Period.
We never sell names, create spam, and we do NOT send you back Email offers over and over. You may get one or two mailings about a holiday discount per year, if ever.

USA Fluid is a Total Old School - Ultra Conservation Operation. Nothing is wasted. Everything is Re Used, Restored, Preserved, and kept running As Long As Possible. See our Energy Saving Page about that.

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