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OLSEN Electric & Machinery Works
Heavy Equipment Builders and Usages on Industrial Wind Farm Wiring.

A video clip of the 45 Ton Wire Cart with 4 Ten Ton spools of wire riding on it as it puts wires down into the trenches for the Wind Farms. They custom built that machine...
All Olsen Heavy Equipment is Environmentally Preserved with USA Fluid  - Effects of the atmosphere are no longer in play....

Wind Farm Wire Trenching Machine
Trencher and Custom Built Wire Cart working to install cables at wind farm build.

Wind Farm Cable Trenching
Wires being trenched during wind farm construction.
Wind Farm CRank with USA Fluid
Service Crane for Wind Farm Installations.
Solar Farm Wiring to Grid
Solar Farm Wiring to Grid

Trencher Lifting onto LowBoy
Trencher Being Lifted with small 60 Ton Crane for transport back to shop for Service maintenance.

Heavy Equipment
Some of the Heavy Equipment used with Olsen Electrics Wind Farm Wiring Machinery

40 Ton Wire Cart
Wire cart is built with over 25 Tons of Steel on Tracks Hauls 45 Tons of Wire through and into trenches.
Several Miles of welding wire were required to weld it together.

Wire Cart for Wind Farms
Wire Cart Rail Detail.

Wire Cart Beams
Wire Cart Beams and Front.

Wire Cart Underside.
Wire Cart Track Structure

Wire Cart Rear Area
Wire Cart Feed Area where it goes into trenches.

Custom Built Trench Packer
This custom built trench packer is filled with SOLID Rubber !~!

USA Fluid Bulk Pail and Cansister