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Basic Cleaning and Detailing


This particular bike was brought up from Florida several years ago to Minneapolis, MN.
There is major aluminum oxidation on the crankcase and hubs from the exposure to salt air it had endured.

This MOTO GUZZI is used daily by it's owner for traveling to business meetings and operate a parts delivery business. It is not a custom bike being put into a show. It's an actual working motorcycle that's used every day. There is lots of road grime and dirt accumulated on it from riding daily in the city streets and going through rain, mud, puddles and so on. We only had between 5-10 minutes to work with this bike, since it was during a weekday and in the middle of the owner going on after this to do business..



The Hub and bike before. We are cleaning the hub, muffler and hardware of this area which are rusted and corroded.

After the applying and brushing as shown below, this is done immediately. The rust on top of the muffler is gone. The corrosion on the nuts and hardware is gone. The aluminum corrosion is gon and the grime is coming out of the hub. The areas are now 'mothballed' against corrosion even while the bike remains on the road !

The applying USA Fluid Brand with the straight stream which gets it onto the area of need and wastes no material. That prevents misted airborne pollution.

Brushing the area takes just several seconds. Only a tablespoon or two of liquid is all that's used here.

Here is the crankcase with road and salt air corrosion.

The crankcase now has no corrosion on the side area which was treated in under a minute of time.
The right side of the engine has dull corrosion on the aluminum and brown stains from road use .
The main area is now cleaned and the brown removed in about a half minute of wiping up after applying USA Fluid. The lead based paint on the frame has USA Fluid splashed onto it, and will now be wiped, restored and preserved.

It's down to a basic detailing job now.
The rest of the painted areas are wiped with the USA Fluid Brand rag and now the bike is going down the road to finish the days business.

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