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Here you will see Historic Videos of USA Fluid - The Unlimited StrongArm Brand Product.
Some of them are back from 5 to 15 years ago..

Rusted Nut, Bolt and Blade Removal on a leveling box grader
Handlebar Chrome Rust Removal is like Child's play with USA Fluid Products..

USAGE secrets From the Master...

An interview with the #1 User in the world - Paul Friebus of American Cycle Fabrications. Watching him is like taking a University Course with a Professor..

Here's Collector Biker Stu while he's applying USA Fluid - The Unlimited StrongArm onto one telling how he uses it on Everything but his Socks and Ice Cream..
Antique Double Barrel Shotgun cleaned in a minute and is preserved with USA Fluid The Unlimited Strong Arms
Cleaning Ratty Corrosion off Motorcycles with NO SOAP NO WATER NO WAX !!

Right at the Rally !

Wink's 68 Triumph
The bike ran on the salt flats over 40 years ago!
Antique Triumph Rat Bike Cleanup Session video.
Winks old racing bike that's been apart for 25 years. Totally oxidized and corroded, and we bring surfaces back to life with Unlimited StrongArm in minutes right here.
The Rat Dies Daily in the hands of USA Fluid Brand Products...
Pay particular attention to the aluminum cases and see how the surfaces are completely restored in minutes with minimal effort.

1942 Harley Refitment Motorcycle Assembled from Parts stored in boxes for 60 years !
All Treated with USA Fluid and put back into service.

This is an Unsolicited Testimony Video produced by Dale Walksler; Curator of Wheels Through Time

Visit Him There

Here's John Baron at the J&P Cycles Open House getting amazed with USA Fluid as he discovers what Unlimited StrongArm is doing to a pair of antique Harley Sprint  made by Aermacchi back in the early 70's
Where's the Rust?

We Clean it in Seconds

We leave Chrome out all winter!

See Rust Pickers

We pick Chrome out of the weeds after years of sitting and there's NO RUST ON THE CHROME !!


Unlimited StrongArm Keeps corrosion and rust gone. Long Term protection - even when abandoned out doors !

Decade Old Video of GT 185 Vintage Cleanup and comments by user that just got Unlimited StrongArm for himself.
Watch Harley Rims get cleaned bare handed with USA Fluid - The Unlimited StrongArm Brand in seconds. !

Store em for a decade and they will remain pristine !


It's "Old Reliable" A 1970 Pickup work truck starting up at 5 degrees out after sitting all week from 20 below zero temps that came in behind a blizzard.

Snow-pack means nothing. Snowmobiles, Snowblowers all work forever after they are Treated with USA Fluid.

Go from covered over with rust to shiny enough to use as a mirror in just a minute of time.This bumper is now preserved and will sit in storage for a decade exactly as it's finished here.

Viral Bumper Cleaning Video from 15 Yrs ago

Cleaning The Rust off an Antique Chrome Stool and Preserving it is what USA Fluid Does..

Hi Def Version. Dale Walksler from the WheelsThroughTime.Com Time Machine Museum Discovers uses for StrongArm Brand on the 1940's INDIAN Enduro Motorcycle...

Streaming Time Machine Museum Interview Presentation. See Clem Murdaugh's 1951 Racing Motorcycle being cleaned up and detailed here with Dale Walksler in these videos..

Video Excerpt of Cleaning Clem Murdaugh's Indian with Dale Walksler of Wheels Through Time Museum..

Railroad Section.

Handy Dandy RR No 9 BEFORE USA Fluid - The Unlimited StrongArm Brand

Handy Dandy RR No 9 AFTER USA Fluid - The Unlimited StrongArm Brand

Old Reliable USA Fluid Protected

CLICK The Player below to see This Video from 11 yrs ago of This Snowbound 47 Yr. old Antique Work Truck Engine Running when it's started up after a whole days snowstorm ! It runs like it's out in a dry desert on a summer day !!

THIS IS YOUR WORLD When USA Fluid is in it...
Unlimited StrongArm Puts a Lock on it against moisture and corrosion and rust !!

USA Fluid Puts it's Canned Muscle
into your work where it's needed most. !
It's Your Right Hand Man in a Can !

Before & After Clips of Chrome cycle Fender - very old video may not play on some devices.

Detailed Chrome Rust Cleanup on old Schwinn Tricycle.
Old small Video format taken over 15 yrs ago converted to current player format

Note This video may not play well or at all on some devices..


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