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Testimony Email received by J&P Cycles headquarters sales department...

"I just used half of a 4 oz bottle of the Strong Arm Brand to clean my whole bike...GREAT STUFF ...very little elbow grease needed, and rusty spots on chrome... gone, pits in lowers look great... even cleans off paint, once again great stuff thanks."

Thank you
Jay Borowy
Harley Tech
J&P Cycles, Inc. Daytona Florida Facility
"36 Case Tractor with engine rusted and stuck. It sat 35 years behind many other tractors in a large shed on a farm that had a sale. It took 2 auction days to get back to it. I purchased it, then pulled the spark plugs out and sprayed several ounces of USA Fluid into the cylinders. I then replaced the plugs and hauled it home 120 miles. After I got home, I set the crank at the top and tapped it with a lump hammer and it rolled over. I had it running the next day....

As I loaded that tractor onto the trailer I told the farmers and collectors there at the sale 'This tractor will run tomorrow!' and they all laughed at me and shook their heads like I was some kind of an idiot.."
Chris G., Iowa
MVPA Collectors:
"I took one of my WWII JEEP's apart and I sprayed every bolt with USA Fluid and didn't break one yet."
"My 52 Military Jeep engine had only 40 Lbs of compression in the cylinders. I sprayed USA Fluid into the engine and left the engine for two weeks. After that it had 110-120 Lbs in all the cylinders. Now I plow snow with it and after 2 years later it still has 110-120 Lbs in the cylinders. You don't have to sell me on it !"
Post#28 From: Kamuela, HI

"Look up
Best lube and rust preventive I've found in 50 years. Guns work smoother and stay cleaner longer. I Use this on all my guns and the special guns semi auto and 1,000 yd. sniper Savage. Stops rust and the gunshops are selling it with each new gun and see a lot of repeat business. Couldn't be happier with a product." ....J Remons

Testimony from C Melody Saxophone Forum:
"Go to USAfluid.Com on the net. They make the finest penetrating oils available anywhere. Their products reverse and dissolve rust as well as freeing the screws and rods. Anyone who repairs musical instruments should have this stuff in their arsenal. It is the best stuff that I have ever come across for this purpose. It has never harmed any plating that I have used it near. You don't need to use much."
ChevyTruckForum on GMTruckClub.Com on engine compartment cleaning..
Mud Bog Users

Q: "Like a good portion of truck owners Iv taken my truck in a puddle or two ;) but now I have a problem, I open my hood and find a gross almost unbearable (for me anyway) mess inside, I take a pressure washer, soap and water and even a brush and scrubbed and for some reason the mud "stains" go away but then I drive it around heat up the engine and let it dry out and then they come right back and the stains are on my hoses and you name it.. So I guess my main question is how do I get that brand new out of the factory look back under my hood."

A: "I have a secret weapon for all of those vacuum hoses, and other rubberish things under the hood that doesn't break them down either. I have used USA Fluid the Unlimited Strong Arm for about 6 years, and they keep the engine hoses looking like new even when everything else looks like crap! You can't buy it in stores anywhere, only at swap meets or on the internet. Here is a ink to it, and it has 101 different uses!"

"Strong arm spray for chrome and then a coat of wax, and the engine compartment I wipe down by hand. Strong arm spray on all rubber engine hoses, it keeps them from cracking or splitting."

I also use that USA Fluid on stuff that is rusting, or bolts that are stuck it is great for penetrating oil as well."

The online tractor forum user entry:
"I like USA Fluid spray. I don't know what it is, but it is some of the best stuff I have used. I won't buy any more WD40."
Regarding a product for your Jeeps' floor. There is a product advertised in "Supply Line" (which is the official publication of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association) called Strong Arm Sprays which I feel will do the job.."
"If you work on older stuff, there's a new, at least to us, penetrating spray on the market that really gets the job done.
USA Fluid the Unlimited Strong Arm is available at some swap meets, but now we can order online.
We just tried it on frozen king pins on a straight axle and got it apart without lighting the torch. If you want to know more about this go to their website."
I was very pleased with how well the wheels cleaned up, after a lot of effort with a wire brush and a can of USA Fluid. However, the handlebars and especially the seatpost, were just too rusted & pitted to show very much improvement. The derailleurs & other bits lost about half of the amount of rust they had, still not looking super great, but they now work perfectly and do look a bit better than they did. The chain & tires are new, and the seat was replaced, as well. I took it out for a little test ride, and was surprised at not only how well this thing rides, but also at just how much fun it is. I didn't want to get off of the thing. The gearing climbs like a mountain goat, and the old Falcon derailleurs shift smoothly and perfectly." ...Burke

Show us your TransAlp modifications!

Topic: How to make your Switchgear look like new :)

"USA Fluid The Unlimited Strong Arm also works for this fading restoration as well. Strong Arm works on the plastic parts like the chain guard, tool box, turn signal base etc. Will last all season. Others have reported products like WD40 work but they do not last as long."

"That's the Best Stuff I've ever used! It loosens em up like nothing !"
John from Missouri
"You don't know what Junk Spray is until you try USA Fluid !! After you use USA Fluid, you'll know that everything else you've ever used is Junk compared to this USA Fluid.!"
Repeat Customer
"I got a bolt form a junk crx. actually got 2 for 1$ ... anyway, now I'm having a hard time getting the broken half out. its threaded into the car. I've turned it a little with some vise grips, but now its really stuck.
any ideas?"
"use some sort of lubricant...I use something called USA Fluid it"
nickles street chop shop
"I guess I just suck at finding crap with the search bar. but here's the question. I'm going to sand down my fenders to get at some rust, and I know some of you guys have run your car/parts of your car bare metal. what did you put on there, if anything, to protect from rust until paint time?"
Rick Thompson
"USA Fluid spray.... the stuff works great.."
I wanted to get an igniter out. I put USA Fluid on and started
see-sawing on em. Normally you just break the whole thing off - I just started se-sawing and they came right out!
David Henry
Re: What's the best way to remove rust?
"I actually bought a can of USA Fluid at a car show, and they claim it will do just about everything but cure the common cold. I've used it to free stuck parts, clean and shine vinyl, drill bit lubricant, and I have to say it has worked better than anything I have tried. I never tried to unstick an engine with it, but I have an old 340 and a 331 hemi that may be prime candidates. I even used it to remove rust from some small parts, and it worked very well except that you have to use a brass brush, and I don't want to have to go over the entire roof with a brass brush.... These products are biodegradable, don't produce dangerous fumes, and you can touch them without any harm, so I would like to use something like that instead of an acid. And one other thing about the USA Fluid; once it removes the rust, you can leave it on the metal to keep it from flash rusting, and if you just wipe it down, it will make the paint stick better....."
........jeryst, Sr. Member
Machinist Testimony:
I have a Milwaukee 1/2" Magnum Hole Shooter (yes - that's what it's called; Catalog # 0235-1).

It is an excellent drill - well made, tough as nails, and enough torque to break your arm if miss-handled.

I don't know if you are familiar with these drills, but in case not, the way you operate the chuck to grab or release a drill bit is as follows:

You set the Forward/Reverse switch to run the drill in the direction that will open the chuck, and - while holding the sleeve with the axial gripping grooves in it with your left hand - you pull the trigger (carefully). This causes the chuck to open under power.

Then you flip the little switch in front of the trigger to the other direction (so the chuck will close under power) , drop your drill bit into the chuck, hold the sleeve, and trigger the drill carefully, until the chuck closes slightly on the drill bit. Then pull the serrated sleeve back (so the chuck can spin while the sleeve does not), and rev the drill to a pretty good speed. You then let the sleeve go forward (while still holding it from turning), which causes the sleeve to act like a built-in impact wrench, tightening the chuck jaws on the drill.

You do the same thing, with the drill again running in the proper direction, to get the drill bit out. I point the drill straight downwards, close to the floor - preferably over a rubber anti-fatigue mat - and let the drill bit fall only a little distance to the floor.

I have to say, I've never been nuts about this arrangement, but the Milwaukee service guys tell me it's not hard on the chuck. (They also said they were pleased to hear from someone who wanted to know how not to abuse their tools!)

Well, very recently, my chuck was suddenly really stiff when I went to use it, to the point where it was virtually inoperable. So I gave the chuck 2 or 3 squirts with USA Fluid, and in a few seconds it began to work as slick as could be - I'd like to say maybe even better than when brand new, but I can't be sure on that point.

From my experience with USA Fluid on things like door locks, I'll be very surprised if I have to repeat this little treatment within the next 5 years.

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