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Where should we start? We service banks, nursing homes, and do a majority of maintenance work in A 27 Building university campus complex, which has literally thousands and thousands of doors..

1) USA Fluid is one of the most important tools we have in our service trucks! Generally the first use or two saves enough money to pay for the can, we use it for many things, too many to list.

2) IC lock cores and plugs, that wont work at all, generally a small amount of USA Fluid in the keyway is all it takes to make it work like new! If you were a Locksmith you could appreciate this as certain tools get to stay in the truck, and you can run more service calls in a day.

3) Corroded flush bolts can be made to work like new.

4) Rusted or corroded fasteners can be removed without breaking.

5) When we repair old mortise locks we hit it with USA Fluid it before we put the case back together, they work so smooth.

6) Sticking latch bolts, one shot is all it takes if its not a mechanical problem, and it works great. No need to take the latch out of the door!

7) Panic hardware service, its great!

8) Squeaking hinges, its great

9) Great to clean stainless steel hardware.

10) USA Fluid Does not harm paint or tile floors as solvents do at times. There is NO mess of graphite to contend with.

11) Paint prep. USA Fluid really makes the paint bond!

I could go on and on, its a product that the more you use it the more you appreciate it. Thanks for spending the time to tell us about USA Fluid !

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