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Here's corrosion cleanup & Detailing Focus on a 1980 MOTO GUZZI SP100 Sport Tourer with 29,000 Miles. It is stored in Idaho and used for summer rides. The owner lives in Hawaii.

The bike is pretty clean and not bad in any way. There is the general corrosion and oxidation that occurs over time on the various under parts and components.

The bike was washed by passing morning rain showers just before we got started on the components.

Here's the Aluminum crank case and parts covered with corrosion before USA Fluid Brand as it arrived.

Explicit BEFORE USA Fluid Detail of the corrosion on the Aluminum Crankcase, Housing Cover, Frame, Manifold Pipe and horns.

Explicit AFTER USA Fluid Brand Detail of the Like New condition of the Aluminum Crankcase, Housing Cover, Frame, Manifold Pipe and Horns.

On finger Detail of dirt and oxide brushed free from the aluminum with a wire brush just before wiping it away.

Before and After Detail of the Carburetor, Starter, feed lines and intakes on the engine. Corrosion is eliminated and will not return for years to come.

Detail on the cleanup of the pipes. Along with spots of rust are spots of road tar that are baked on to the surface.

Light bushing with a wire brush, wiping it with a rag, and it's cleaned up for the next season or so.

The Ultra Lubricant in USA Fluid and makes it scientifically Impossible to scratch the surface of the hard stainless steel and chrome with just several ounces of pressure.


got rust ?

Heck No !! Sorry!

Not around here !!

USA Fluid Nipple Bottle Treates it all

RUST and Corrosion !
IT's been the Enemy of the Motorcycle !

Well NOT ANY MORE ! It Used To BE :-)

Just Hit it with the ARM !

NOW ! USA Fluid Muscles through Rust and Turns Back The Clock On Rust and Corrosion to before it existed ! Eco - Safely too !

It Ultra Lubes Cables Waterproofs wiring and the entire bike for Years On and Off the Road.
AND you Paint right over it ON Fresh Metal OR USA Fluid Treated Rust when restoring and building ! Yea Buddy !! There's nothing like it anywhere.

Shut Down Dadgum Rust and Corrosion once and for all !

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