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Here's corrosion cleanup & Detailing Focus on a 1980 MOTO GUZZI SP100 Sport Tourer with 29,000 Miles. It is stored in Idaho and used for summer touring and rides to the Guzzi Rally. The owner lives in Hawaii.

The bike is pretty clean and not bad in any way. There is the general corrosion and ratty oxidation that occurs over time on the various under parts and components.

The Rear Hub Aluminum Before USA Fluid.
It's still partially wet with rain water.

Comparison Photo Showing the Hub After USA Fluid was used to clean it up and preserve it.

Light brushing - no harder than with a hand cleaning brush, and you wipe it with a rag and the rat is gone and will stay gone.

Look how beautiful that hub is again - It's as good as new! On a motorcycle that's over three decades old.

Detail of the Cleaning process:

The light wire brushing of the hub and detail where the USA Fluid is treated onto the surface and waiting for the brush. Note that the corrosion on the aluminum literally vanishes as it is applied to the surface. The cleanup process just removes the dirt particles corroded into the surface, and leave a like new, preservative protected surface.

Rag showing the aluminum oxide that is wiped off the hub after treating it with USA Fluid.

Detail of the Cylinders showing the exhaust fittings, fins and head after treatment. The cylinders were already in nice condition, and any corrosion and dirt has been removed.

This is an excellent thing to do just before putting the bike away when not riding it for awhile, like during seasonal storage.

USA Fluid is an Embalming Fluid for motorcycles enabling long term storage of the bike with No Corrosion or degradation over time as it remains in storage.

Details of under the seat and the corrosion along the battery area and on the frame points of the clips and connections. Note the clean - like new condition of the area after being treated and detailed with USA Fluid. It will remain like this for the next several years of continuous use.


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