USA Fluid is ideal for Motorcycle Frame Touchup Painting
USA Fluid The Unlimited StrongArm
Absolute Penetrant, Lubricant, Rust Remover
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Here's the Simple 1, 2, 3, Paint over USA Fluid Process for frame touch-up
on an XS-650 that's been parked in the garage for years...

Taking the rusted Rat off your bike has never been easier.

Shown is the area of the frame prior to the painting which is outlined with a red line. The area where the frame sections are joined has now rusted while the motorcycle has been in storage for years.. The Rat is on the bike right here.
1) A small streak of USA Fluid The Unlimited StrongArm is applied over the rusted surface in one swoop over the surface. The total amount used is less than a teaspoon to cover the areas, and none of the material is lost into the air as pollution, which is what happens with other products, that only come out with a hair spray mist. ALL USA Fluid Canisters are designed to apply the product directly into the work without wasting it.
2) The area is brushed with a regular wire brush lightly with a dozen strokes or so.
3) Wipe the area down with a fresh clean cotton rag to pick up loosened material and rust. Turn the rag over and wipe any remaining rust.
Shown here is plain black touch up paint which will match the color of the frame. The frame area which is now treated with USA Fluid Brand and 100% ready for painting.
Painting over the area now shows how nicely the paint applies over the USA Fluid Brand treated surface. USA Fluid Makes the paint adhere to the surface better than if washed dry with thinners.
All Done. The area is painted and is now air drying in the sun. Note how nice the finish is and looks compared to before. This entire process take less than FIVE minutes from start to finish.

USA Fluid Brand -> NO Flashy Gimmicks - NO Sales Hype
Just Results
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