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This YAMAHA 250 was put away into storage 5 years ago when it's owner passed on. It was specifically brought to the USA Fluid People to be cleaned up and preserved. The pictures here show only half of the motorcycle cleaned up for before and after comparison purposes. The rest of the bike was also completed before it was returned.


Here is the crankcase pipes and frame as the motorcycle arrived BEFORE anything was done. Note the rust on the pipe, and corrosion all over the hardware nuts and bolts on the frame, and the corroded frame paint and dirty engine and corroded aluminum fins on the cylinder head.


Here's a close-up of the frame, the hardware on the frame, the crankcase and the exhaust pipe chrome after cleaning with USA Fluid. The pipe was brushed lightly with a wire brush and wiped, and the other areas were wiped and buffed with a rag. That's it. This treatment will remain intact for nearly a decade.


Detailed side view of the middle area of the frame showing the condition of the bike before USA Fluid. Note the corrosion all over the area.


Overall view of side after being cleaned up with USA Fluid. All of the areas are restored to original condition. All surfaces are water proofed The Chrome is cleaned with all the rust removed. The Cylinder head, the frame paint and all linkage and pedal hardware is in new condition, lubricated and preserved.


Here's the before side close up showing the rust all over the chrome and shock and spring, the corroded aluminum on the hub. The wet looking areas are where USA Fluid is being applied.


Here is the AFTER side with close up detail that shows the restored surfaces of the chrome and all the rest of the YAMAHA.

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