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Eryka's 1951 Pontiac Chiefton Classic

The Ultimate Restoration Fluid, Penetrant, Ultra Lubricant, Rust Remover, Shop Tools & Weapon Preserver of All Time..

Note: Pictures of the car were taken with a phone camera in the garage with low light.
51 Pontiac Chiefton BEFORE StrongArm Fluid
This is the condition of the car before USA Fluid. The paint is dingy and corroded and oxidized. There's rust forming on the chrome and the nickel chrome under plating is bringing up green corrosion on the surface of the chrome.
51 Pontiac Chiefton AFTER StrongArm Fluid Treatment
This is the car after USA Fluid was applied and rubbed over the entire vehicle. The chrome and then the painted surfaces, the latches, the wheels, door hinges, locks vinyl interior, the wiring and under hood areas are all treated.

After USA Fluid Treatment,  your vehicle can remain in storage for a decade and not have this corrosion to start again. There is NO NEED to wax the surfaces. Wax goes dead which then lets the rust and corrosion start over again.
Chrome Headlight Ring Before StrongArm Cleanup

This is the headlight rim BEFORE USA Fluid Treatment. You can see the oxidation building up all around the ring and the beginnings of pitting into the chrome. Unlimited StrongArm Fluid Exfoliates the corrosion and rust after its applied and goes beneath the plating putting rust inhibitors underneath the plating.
Eryka with Pint Bottle of StrongArm Fluid
Here's Eryka - the Proud Mama of the car showing the Unlimited StrongArm Fluid Bottle
which cleaned her baby up and made it pristine again.

51 Pontiac Chiefton Hood Chrome Before StrongArm Fluid Cleaning

This is the large chrome stripping on the hood BEFORE USA Fluid. Also the dingy paint can be seen with all the dirt upon it. This large Chrome Stripe is the most outstanding piece of the car - it is now restored and preserved with StrongArm Fluid.
Erika With StrongArm Fluid Special Order Chrome Canister

Here is the Old School USA Fluid Canister in Special Order Chrome which is excellent
for treating the under car chassis and engine compartments, sitting in good hands.
Eryka with Special Order Chrome Canister Close up

Here's Eryka with a close up of that Beautiful Chrome USA Fluid Old School Canister. It's Perfect for shooting up the framework of Racers - Old School Rods and Classic Cars - Trucks and mud runners 4 wheel drives Jeeps - rock climbers - drag bikes and everything else to keep them right. Eryka has a ball shooting up your classic chassis.

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Eryka models professionally - See her Facebook Page for more..

Eryka also works with Thunder Roads Magazine of Iowa See their Facebook Page.

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