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USA Fluid The StrongArm Brand - the authority in brush corrosion and rust removal.
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Did Somebody Say BRUSHES ???

Brushing 101 Primer
With Unlimited StrongArm You don't have to have any brush hang ups..!!
You can use any kind, Brass, Nylon, or Wire types. It's all going to be the same.

How So?
Because You Brush NO HARDER than you would on the palm of your hand on your wrist and forearm or than you would washing and cleaning vegetables..

IF the Brush can't hurt skin Then how can it hurt steel, chrome and metal ? All of which is much harder.

When you use USA Fluid you don't have to be afraid of it. That's the whole point of the product. To make Effortless removal of chrome and corrosion with only light brushing that's non destructive to the surface.

The Surface of the chrome, metal, or else must be wetted with StrongArm and the Brush should also be wetted.

The Friction Eliminators in USA Fluid will provide ample lubrication on the brushing surface so that scratching will not occur.

USA Fluid - The Unlimited StrongArm Fluid Doesn't eat the rust - the Rust Eats the Fluid. After several seconds of brushing, the rust is turned into a finer and finer compound and becomes a 20,000 grit polishing compound like a block of Rouge, which then burnishes and polishes the surface with the ever so light pressure. This can be done with the fingernail over light surface rust to observe the process and phenomenon.

Nylon Brushes

Sold as Grout Brushes, Kitchen Brushes, Fingernail Brushes, Vegetable Brushes Scrub Brushes.; Etc..

Pictured above is a 1947 Indian Getting the chrome cleaned with a nylon brush after 60 years of storage in a barn.
Safe Non Destructive Rust Removal of surface rust is achieved with these brushes.

Brass Brushes

Brass Brushes are usually even softer than Nylon, and are perfect for brushing wiring, paint that's cruded along hardware, dirty vinyl, and so on. Apply USA Fluid to the surface and onto the brush.

Steel Brushes

Plain Steel Wire Brushes are stiff and will work fine with light pressure on shiny surfaces. On Hardware - bolt ends and nuts that are rusted, apply USA Fluid and then brush in strokes like you buff shoes, and it will remove the rust. The USA Fluid will leave a preservative coating on all and any surfaces.

Stainless Steel Brushes

Stainless Steel Brushes are Medical and Food Equipment Brushes. They are excellent for using with Unlimited StrongArm on Small Components, like carburetors and gears from inside transmissions. They can be soft or hard.

Cheap Metal Brushes "made in China".

These brushes are not much more than soft bailing wire on a stick.
After lots of brushing with them any more than lightly, the bristles will fold over and fall out.
StrongArm Guys use these brushes for brushing USA Fluid's Unlimited StrongArm over rusted frames and wheels of Rat Bikes and Chassis taken in from sitting out in the weather for decades.

Combination Detailing Brush Sets...

These are great for Finish work, and can be purchased as inexpensive packages for several dollars
or as high end detailing brushes for a lot of money.


Used Tooth Brushes are the softest and used by many for everything from cleaning chrome to detailing the all surfaces.

Here's an example of Chrome that's brushed for five seconds and wiped after applying USA Fluid.


Starting with this, the chrome rim as the bike sat out rusting away Before StrongArm Brand

This is the chrome several seconds after applying USA Fluid and lightly brushing and wiping with a rag. The rust is removed, and the rim will remain like this and not rust up again. Chrome polish is no longer necessary. WAX GOES DEAD.

This rim will remain like this in storage for years on end.

Note also that USA Fluid the Unlimited StrongArm Brand will also penetrate into the spoke joints where they go through to the inside of the rim and keep them rust and corrosion free.

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