USA Fluid The Unlimited StrongArm
Gets Tool Man's Crescent Wrench to
Come Loose in Minutes after years of trying and giving up!

Here He's HAPPY ! The Wrench is Loose and working like new ! He holds up the can and the wrench and even has a Rainbow in the sky over his head for good measure!

Below is the wrench before anything was done. The Adjuster and slide part of the wrench is totally rusted up and is stuck..

This is a man that was Frustrated! He sells tools, and this wrench will not come Loose ! For Months, he used all kinds of sprays and treatments. Blaster, Gibbons Oil, WD-40, Liquid Wrench, and None of it did any good, SO HE GAVE UP ! And just put it down with the rest of the useless old tools.

HE brought it to the USA Fluid Guys and left it with them to apply it and see what happened. Five Minutes Later, they had it ready, as a wind and rain blew past....

As you can see above, he came back to pick it up and is tickled to see it !
He's quick to agree That USA Fluid The Unlimited StrongArm Brand is An Atomic Bomb on Rust, and has loosened up Dozens of old and valuable tools that he sells and trades since that time.