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If you own machinery, from Cars to Combines to Dozers to Skidders to Motorcycles to Boats, this is for you ! It keeps full life in what's working, and puts life back into all things that are abandoned. Nothing will serve you in industry better. THIS StrongArmSprays is Total Cost Control In a Can!

Skidding Hardwood Logs over 3 Feet in Diameter and 80 Feet long a half mile out from deep in the forest bottom. StrongArm Sprays keeps machinery operating flawlessley elliminating down time and the expense of repairs when equipment breaks down out in the wilderness.

It's the most important tool in the Yard for Utilities, Mining, Railroad, Logging and Forestry Management and Road building operations. The crews shown here are logging and road building on remote woodland boundries out in the Kentucky and Tenessee hills.

Strong Arm can be used for lubrication, metal drilling, metal cutting. Strong Arm is the most unique cleaner of rust. Put it on Chrome, metal, anything with rust. Let is set for a few minutes, lightly scrub or wire brush the metal. Take Water and Splash and Rinse it, and watch the water run off like a ducks back. It's a long term water proofer. Click HERE to see the video of StrongArmSprays cleaning up a 55-56 Chevy Rust Covered Bumper!
If you want to paint the metal, no primer needed. Go ahead and Paint away. StrongArmSprays IS The Primer! The paint will go deeper into the surface and not peel and will stay for many years. Right on what was once rust! Listen to the testimonies on the website from the many satisfied Farmers and users of StrongArmSprays.

This revolutionary Lubricant/Rust Remover & Protectant works on Metal, Wood, Guns & Leather. 1000's of uses for this amazing product throughout the shop and the house. Ultimate Battery Terminal Corrosion killer and engine compartment protection for years.

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Strong Arm Sprays is Designed BY INDUSTRY For INDUSTRY ! Highest Quality, Performance and Value. Extreme Quality & Value characteristics that become more and more apparent in time with your superior results, with time and money saved in all areas.
There are many hundreds of sprays on the market, and many other products out there that try to copy everything which is StrongArmSprays. When you see something that looks like it or is described like it, they have copied the innovation that is StrongArmSprays.Com

That's Just the Facts. USE IT AND KNOW IT!
IT Works ! is the bottom line.

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