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Honda 550 Engine Treatment
Also AFTER a Year treatment and left sitting outside in the open..

This classic motorcycle sat in a garage for years on end behind several dozen others in a collection.
Here it's brought out and treated with USA Fluid. This is the before and after picture..

All that was done here is applying USA Fluid over the entire engine.
Some light brushing on the fins and then it was all wiped and buffed with a rag.
That's It.
Note how nice the rubber and ignition wiring is restored. Crossfire is now eliminated. The wiring is waterproofed.

The iron screws on the engine can also be brushed and the rust on them will come away.
It began raining while this was being done, so we didn't get to it at that time.
Not to worry. Whenever you get to it, the rust will just come away.
Only This side of the motorcycle was done, to show afterwards the corrosion
from one side to the other in a before and after format on the bike.

...And Now, Here it is One Year Later to the Day !...

This is the condition of the engine after sitting in garage after many years of storage. corrosion has set in on all the surfaces. This Unlimited StrongArm Fluid Treated motor will remain preserved like this for year after year of garage storage with no additional anything having to be done to it.
NOW The Untreated side is now severely corroded, with rust on the pipes and all over the frame and hardware getting into a completely ratty condition. The USA Fluid Treated Side Remains Protected and has not even the beginnings of oxidation on the aluminum or on the chrome fenders as shown below..
Here's the Honda 550 Motorcycle parked in this exact spot for a year out in the weather. This is the USA Fluid Treated side and has all the chrome on the pipes and fender with NO rust - even after sitting out of doors all winter through a few feet of snow, spring rains, and all summer since the pictures above were last taken. There's grass up on the wheels from mowing around the area where it's sitting in the driveway in front of an unused truck.

The owner has a garage full of other bikes and had no room to even put it inside. He figured if USA Fluid The Unlimited StrongArm was put on to protect it, then let's leave it outside and see what it can really do for protection.

And protect it IT DID !!


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