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USA Fluid Plumbing Usage and Long Term Preservation.

Treating and preserving metal:
in this case it's copper surfaces in severe moisture conditions.

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Case Study - Moisture sweating on copper soldered pipe.

The pictures shown below were taken a year and a half after completion of a new installation of pipe. The pipe was run from the replacement of a frozen ball valve to the water filter and softener in a basement with rock walls. This is the second summer since, with severe condensation and sweating on the cold pipe surface as water comes up from the well. For six months of the year, from May through October, This pipe sweats 24 hours a day and the water dripping on the floor of the basement makes it look like there are leaks in the pipe, but there are none.

The pipe was sprayed with USA Fluid at the end of the installation and it has preserved the copper and kept it in mint condition. See the close-ups below taken over the span of the pipe run.

All plumbing fittings and fixtures should be treated with USA Fluid one time when installed new to prevent corrosion over the long term - meaning up to a decade of time.

Ideal also on propane fittings, gas lines on burners and sensors and the electrical terminals and connections where the smallest amount of corrosion will cause the burners to shut down due to signal loss from the resistance on the surfaces of the connections.

Threaded pipe joints, Globe Valves and bonnets on the valve stems. All and any faucets and hose ends will work perfectly with just several drops of USA Fluid on them once a year.

Don't forget the tools in the tool boxes and trucks. ALL wrenches, cutters, crimpers, pliers and power tools will not rust up on you when apply the smallest amount of USA Fluid onto them once every year or so. We're talking about preserving hundreds and thousands of dollars of an investment with just a quarters worth of USA Fluid. As well as the fact that the tools all work so nice when they are not all rusted up, and look good to the customer.

This is the Tee Joint where the water line comes up from the well feed and ball valve. Almost no corrosion is on the solder joint, even with all this sweating all this time. Without USA Fluid by this time the entire fitting would be green with corrosion.
Here's an overall view of the copper line that runs along the wall to the filter. It looks as good now as when it was put in.
A further close-up of the pipe and the sweating. You can read the labeling on the pipe from when it's manufactured. USA Fluid has preserved this pipe. It's in a state of suspended animation against corrosion. ALL Metal - Brass, Copper, Iron, white metal will remain in New condition when sprayed in this manner with USA Fluid.

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