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StrongArm Brand Product Usage statement testimony from
Custom Paint Studio - Professional Builder and Body Shop

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Kelly and Bruce Bush of Wizard Custom Studios

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Bruce and Kelly visiting with Ky Michaelson the Rocket Man.

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ďMy name is Bruce Bush, my wife Kelly and I run WIZARD CUSTOM STUDIOS/St. Croix Air Brushing. We customize cars and Motorcycles, everything from simple pinstripes to full street rod builds. We use USA Fluid The Unlimited StrongArm Brand Products and we Love It ! I have been in the car and motorcycle industry since 1976 and I think every tool box should contain a bottle of StrongArm.

When I first saw this stuff I admit I was skeptical, but Iíve tested it for a year and now Iím amazed! At our shop we have used it as a penetrant for stuck bolts, froze bearings, stuck and nonworking tools, (both air and manual) stiff hinges and squeaks. These uses alone have  more than satisfied me but... This stuff Unlimited StrongArm Brand Product does so much more.!

The most amazing thing Iíve seen it do is convert rust so you can prime or paint over it. Kellyís 99 Jeep had some rust pits and scabs on the roof. We D.A Sanded with 36 grit and then 80 grit; We then used and orbital wire brush. All the loose rust was gone but it was still all brown down in the bottom of the pits. Now sandblasting could have cleaned out the remaining rust, but the roof would have warped terribly.. Acids can work but are a mess and very caustic. We used USA Fluid product as per the directions and primed and painted over it. The Jeep saw hard use last winter and there are no rust spots pits bubbles or any other imperfections coming through the roof !! Iím totally surprised and delighted!

The biggest part of our business is paint. We do fine custom paint and restorations for very particular customers. Our finishes have to look good.! A lot of penetrating oils and preservatives have silicone in them. We canít have them around our shop because silicon is almost impossible to get off a paint surface and it causes fish eyes (little craters) and wrecks custom paint jobs. Unlimited StrongArm is made to paint over so itís the ultimate in body shop safe. I could go on for another three pages, but Iím telliní ya try it! You will be amazed too.Ē

Brush Bush
Wizard Custom Studios
St. Croix Air Brushing

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