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92 Honda Nighthawk 250 CC cleaned up and preserved with
USA Fluid Product Conditioning Fluid and Penetrating Oil

Customer Usage Chrome Cleaning and Preserving Testimony

Customer Submitted information:

"The Bike is a 92 Honda Night Hawk 250cc it had about 19,000 miles on it. It's my very first bike and I'm trying to make it took as good as possible.

I am very happy with Strong Arm Brand it has saved me a lot of money because I thought the only way to get it looking new was to either replace it or get it re-chromed.

So I'm glad I don't have to do either of those things. Here is a pic of the whole bike too. Thanks again for this awesome product!"

Submitted by ....Patrick Remington

PS: Well I have to confess I make my living as a professional photographer. I photograph weddings and such. (

Love the product! Thanks! Will pass the word!
StrongArm Encapsluated 92 Honda Night Hawk
This 92 Honda Night Hawk 250cc Is Encapsulated with USA Fluid and will remain corrosion free for many seasons; in use, and for years on end in when it's parked into storage and becomes part of this owners collection of bikes in the years to come.

Chrome Rusted Before Treatment
Front view of rusted gauges.

Chrome Guages after StrongArm cleaning
Gauge cluster after USA Fluid.
Chrome Guages before StrongArm
Side view of rusted Gauges.
Chrome Guages After StrongArm Cleaning
Gauges after USA Fluid treatment.
Wheel Rusted Before StrongArm
The wheels before USA Fluid
Wheel Restored After StrongArm Cleaning
The Wheels After USA Fluid

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