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Flood Damage Treatment

The Toolbox and tools shown here have been stored in the basement over 4 years before the water was rising. They were treated with StrongArm Brand in 2003. The wrenches which were treated did not rust. There were cordless drill tips for nuts and screws which were not treated which did rust. It is all now cleaned up with StrongArm Brand as show below..

This Tools and Tool Box can now be put away in a basement
and will not begin to rust or corrode again for a decade.

In this flooded basement a toolbox was lifted out of rising water that was nearly a foot deep.

The toolbox was tipped on it's side and the water drained out. This is the top drawer of the tool box 2 weeks after the water has now gone down. The drill bits are rusted but the hand tools are not, since they were treated with StrongArm Brand back in 2004 - FOUR YEARS AGO! There's still some water in the bottom of the drawer.

This is the middle drawer with wrenches that did NOT rust, even though they were underwater for several weeks. The cordless drill bits and adapters that were not treated which were in the drawer have rusted, and stained the drawer with rust. This will now all be cleaned up with StrongArm Brand..

1) Remove tools and allow them to dry.

2) Apply StrongArm Brand onto the Tools. StrongArm will put the rust and oxidation and corrosion in reverse.

3) Brush the tools with a wire brush.

4) Wipe the Tools clean. What was rust on them will wipe off as a muddy dirt.

5) Re-Treat the Toolbox with StrongArm Brand on all moving parts and seams of the metal. Wipe the toolbox with the rag.

Tools are now cleaned and ready for use. They will remain corrosion and rust proofed for years again.

Here's the toolbox all cleaned up with the tools put back in it. All rust and dirt and effects of moisture have been removed.

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