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  USA Fluid Brand Environmental Eco Friendly Conservation Info

Environmental protection is a priority for the conservation of precious natural resources and the continued health of planet earth.  USA Fluid Brand Co. recognizes its responsibility in the global environment for conservative design and is continually striving to reduce the environmental impact of the work we do and with the products we create.

  USA Fluid and the Global Environment:
  USA Fluid takes pride in its development history of innovation and thoughtful design. Environmental Conservation and technological leadership goes beyond just what's inside the bottle.
  USA Fluid is designed to be SAFE Across the board in a Three step procedure:
1) Safe and non destructive on machinery and components its applied onto
2) Safe for the people applying it; and
3) Safe to the world we're living on: From the sod below to the sky above. How we impact the environment is important to us, and environmental consideration is an integral part of USA Fluid Brand's business practices. From Laboratory stages of product design through manufacturing, use, and recycling, we take care to insure all of our activities and our products are totally environmentally friendly, safe and sound.

Primary areas of specific and particular attention are product, packaging and shipping container design, responsible manufacturing, energy efficiency, and recycling. All aspects of the design cycle provide innovative challenges, and our efforts have resulted in some impressive results.

Product design: It all begins here. Eliminating the environmental impact of  USA Fluid Brand products starts with the product design phase. Design of highly refined industrial grade raw materials which are safe and/or even food grade, recylability of containers, energy consumption required for manufacturing and the elimination of energy consumption and unnecessary steps in use, and the ease of usage.

USA Fluid Brand continually refines its product design to maximize efficiency while minimizing waste. The dispenser and internal structure of the delivery components is highly optimized to allow delivery of the material at merely a drop at a time. If more is required, a straight stream containing droplets in thousands of small clusters is dispensed in the form of a straight parabolical stream which can reach up to several feet, directly into the areas of need. This results in a massive saving of pollution and unnecessary release of effluent compounds into the atmosphere. Other products have a cheap hair spray nozzle which produces only a full blast wide mist which loses the material into the atmosphere around the area where it is needed as particulate, chemical and air pollution. These inferior hair spray misting nozzles are responsible for the releasing of millions of metric tons of material waste into the atmosphere all over the globe annually.  USA Fluid Brand Products strictly forbids such usage of these inferior and wasteful cheap hair spray type of misting nozzles from their products. Our drop by drop - streaming pump dispenser concept is by far more intricate, but it's a small price to pay when it eliminates pollution and prevents the undue waste of this high quality product, making it pay for itself many times over.  USA Fluid innovationists had this nozzle concept developed and put into use over 20 years ago, and it is now also taken and used by other products and companies who agree with the idea of elliminating waste..

Responsible Manufacturing:  USA Fluid Brand has NO use of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and brominated non flammables within its products.  USA Fluid Brand helps to safeguard the environment - as well as consumers' safety - by restricting the use of environmentally harmful compounds in our materials and manufacturing processes. For example, our restricted substances criteria limits the use of any heavy metals, toxic compounds and ozone depleting substances in our products and manufacturing processes.

Energy efficiency: The greatest lack environmental impact in creating a product is in its longevity over time.  USA Fluid Brand has made great strides in recent years to optimize the energy efficiency of our raw material chemicals and Lab to Factory production lines.

Recycling:  USA Fluid Brand's holistic approach to recycling - encompassing a product's entire life cycle - includes recycling return programs that enable consumers and businesses to dispose of used the USA Fluid 100% Recyclable containers via recycling in an environmentally sound manner.

History of sound practice: Year after year,  USA Fluid Brand has set and met important goals to phase out environmentally relevant substances, create recycling programs and improve efficiency. Here are some of the most important milestones in our quest for environmental responsibility:

Innovative and efficient:  USA Fluid Brand strongly believes that reducing the environmental impact of our business starts with the design of our products. We set high standards - based on our own requirements and those set by other programs such as:

Responsible Manufacturing:  USA Fluid Brand recognizes the need for environmentally responsible production, including the use of recyclable materials and the restriction of chemical compounds or materials that can harm the environment.  USA Fluid Brand's record of restricting harmful substances goes back over two decades.

USA Fluid Brand has long been an advocate of product stewardship, and we believe that this concept extends to re-using containers and proper disposal of no longer used containers.

A holistic view:  USA Fluid Brand takes a holistic view of recycling and waste minimization. We apply this philosophy from the outset, beginning in the design stage by creating compact, ultra-efficient products that use high-recycling-value materials wherever possible.

USA Fluid Brand strives to minimize the amount of waste generated at our company sites and operations. When waste paper, glass, metals, and plastics do arise from onsite activities, we ensure the materials are recycled properly.

Some examples include:

Cardboard RE-USAGE:  USA Fluid Brand ELIMINATES a huge energy consumption cycle and drain by incorporating a unique reusage program for cardboard containers that would normally be disposed or recycled. We take boxes out of the disposal path which are made of heavy coated cardboard used by restaurants and from frozen foods, and turn them into shipping boxes. Our shipping department has packaging artists that re-cut and retrofit the boxes into containers for USA Fluid bulk product. THIS procedure saves the energy used and cost of recycling the material, eliminates the energy and cost of collecting, transporting, and remanufacturing the material; and also eliminates the energy and expenses of transporting and distributing remanufactured cardboard boxes, And most of all, it saves the $$$ MONEY Expense of purchasing boxes. There is a slight increase in the time and labor of implementing these boxes, but that's menial expense compared to the rest the costs which are saved. Our packaging criteria call for tightly sealed boxes on all sides with strongly reinforced interiors. We package to a standard that is 5-10 times higher that those specified by shipping companies; thereby eliminating any waste footprint, cost footprint, time and replacement expense caused by product damage in and the filing of claims and paperwork.

Paper: This recycling path encompasses all cardboard packaging, as well as paper from manuals and other printed materials. These materials are sent to processing mills, where they undergo a hydro-pulping process to produce new paper-based products such as cardboard boxes and tissues.

Foam: Protective foam is re-manufactured into new foam products as well as a variety of other materials, such as carpet padding and substitute wood products (e.g., crown molding or baseboard).

Metal, Etc: Cans are recycled with tin cans in the usual manner. Plastic tops can recycle with other plastic containers and covers. Cardboard boxes can recycle with compacted cardboard in industry, or be used for clean burning kindling material by users and individuals who heat buildings and hot water with high efficiency wood fired boilers.

Plastic: Plastic recycles into collection bins where household and industrial liquid containers are deposited and returned into the supply chain.

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