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High Tech Innovation with Old School Values.

The innovationists behind USA Fluid have produced this high tech product which goes above and beyond anything else they have worked with in the past on any other product by far.

NONE of the other products out there can make this claim. What we innovate today will be what they will be telling you about and trying to sell you tomorrow and into the future.

Technical Background Q and A Info and History Lesson:
* Why are these innovationists so far ahead of the industry ?
AND How come  USA Fluid works so good on wiring and paint ?

Because the innovationists and engineers worked in private company High Voltage Research Laboratories 40 years ago with designers of Brute Force and regulated modular power supplies which created continuous high frequency and direct current high voltage discharges. Working with a variety of equipment putting out from 20,000 to over a Million Volts, which would produce pure Ozone - which when unvented becomes highly concentrated; disintegrating into pure oxygen which corrodes material and rusts metal 1000 Times as Fast as what you will see anywhere out in the open world on a Farm or Salt water boat. So additional testing was performed and corrosion test chambers were built onto the high voltage equipment with various testings of parts, common nails and tools in them, and immediately it was seen that nails, screws, tools of iron and brass which take a decades to a century to completely rust away outside in the yard are reduced to crumbling flaking remnants in only hours! It was literally a heavy metal cremation chamber. They then innovated and discovered proprietary Techniques for addressing this situation. They figured out how to prevent the formation of corrosion in this environment of 'corrosion hell' - High Voltage Leakage Corona Discharging and high frequency sparks in dielectric leakage and supply load testing. They ALSO Discovered a Metallic OXIDATION formation that's identical to when weapons are discharged repeatedly, and innovated ways to prevent it from happening. They also discovered that the paint, which was lead based back then, and since lead is a metal, being a conductor, would attract the high voltage into it and oxidize into a highly toxic lead oxide poison! So they developed dielectric compounds which inhibit surface charge conductivity and eliminate and block the corrosion of the lead based paint on the components and products in production. Furthermore, since all the metal which was treated needed to be painted and mounted onto these iron metal chassis, they had to develop it to be paint compatible to take industrial painting processes and also go into high voltage, high temperature and high moisture environmental test ovens.

Also bear in mind that back 40 years ago that aside from the paint, the chemicals in use in the giant transformers and condensers were all PC-B's and liquids which became outlawed by the EPA as toxic materials by the 1990's. As this was happening, the innovationists had already started using safer highly refined materials in private production and usage, away from the products in use at that time.

* Now, in today's 21st century world
Over a decade ago, Innovationists commenced working with modernized extreme quality refining, Green Power and Labs that are strictly approved as environmental friendly facilities. Therefore, USA Fluid Brand Products have a complete ecological foundation to it's modern innovations. It's Designed to BE SAFE in composition and outperform prior usage beyond any other. See the list of No's on the main page of the  USA Fluid Website.

So What does this mean to every Homeowner, Industrial Mechanic, Repairman, Firearm user ?

IT means that you get to use a product with Industrial superiority that's second to NONE. PERIOD.
These are the Facts.

No Come On's No Hype, No Gimmicks.