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The Effects of the Atmosphere are no longer in play !!

USA Fluid The Unlimited StrongArm for TOTAL Vehicle Treatment

Engine Compartments ALL Snow Removal Equipment
ALL Snow Blowers Snow Plows Road Graders

Below for more information on Snow removal from this winter Blizzards.. !

USA Fluid Keeps ALL machinery right - Snow Blowers - Snow Plows - Road Graders -Trucks - Bicycles - Motorcycles - Jeeps - whatever - IT's

Everything is Mothballed
and Locked up against dampness and corrosion for years with one application.



Snowbound Engine Compartments Warming up with
water running all over the wires.
Compartment is Totally Waterproofed AND Saltproofed with USA Fluid !

It doesn't miss a beat


Improve efficiency and eliminate Down Time !

USA Fluid Brand maintains superior function of all moving parts of snow removal equipment. It also Totally Eliminates the effects of Salt and Chemicals from attacking the mechanical mechanisms and metal and paint on the machinery.

Shown here is the chain drive and bearing assembly which is treated with Unlimited StrongArm on this snow blower. Note how the chain runs dry and is still lubricated. Note how the bearings on the shafts are lubricated and do not accumulate any snow pack into them

Strong Arm will waterproof the entire snow blower preventing any corrosion and rust from forming on metal that is exposed from material knocking off the painted finish.

When repainting, paint can be applied right over the metal surface over the USA Fluid treatment with nothing more than simply wiping it with a rag. The Unlimited StrongArm is an undercoating primer that will draw the paint into the surface.

Side view showing the gears under the chain and the pivots on the snow blower.

Here we see the snow blower going to work again and the chain and mechanism whirling along as it starts to eat into the snow and blow it out of the way.

USA Fluid makes the chain run true and not drag on the sprockets as it moves along under power.

The entire drive train is treated with Unlimited StrongArm. Apply it onto the PTO, the shafts, the chains, and into sealed bearings. StrongArm will penetrate into sealed bearings prolonging their life when they are blowing snow in subzero temperatures.
This treatment will take all the drag out of the machine making it work more efficiently so that it can push snow and not bog down. The StrongArm treatment eliminates friction which saves fuel.

A closeup of the snow blower as it is now working along the snow.

Here's the snow blower working into an eight foot high drift and pile of snow.

Note the top of the car parked behind the snow blower with snow up to the roof.!

Here's the Blower and Drive Chain all done and AFTER Blowing and clearing out the parking area.

Note how the chain and gears are clean and dry and water resistant while still lubricated with USA Fluid.

Road Grader with Plow Nose uses under plow to scrape down gravel roads.

Plow in action scraping the road surface.

USA Fluid protects all the surfaces and enables all the plowing linkages to work without losing lube or collecting snow.

Front and side plows push snow out of road here.

Dump Truck Plowing in snow and drifts several feet deep.

Keep your trucks and plows in pristine condition throughout the winter season.

Engine Compartment Treatment With StrongArm Fluid

Loading up the Canister