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1938 Harley V Twin G Motor
Freed up after decades of sitting...

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Transcript of Testimony being said by Collector...
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1938 Harley G Motor Unstuck With USA Fluid Brand Spray

Transcript of a user is an unpaid, unsolicited testimony: Harley Davidson Collector Mechanic.

Harley Collector Mechanic: Collector....
USA Fluid Guy: USA..

Begin Transcript..

USA: "What's It It.. Tell us what happened..."

Collector: "OK! - Well I bought your USA Fluid unlimited StrongArm spray, about uh three weeks ago, and I squirted it in a 1938 G motor - a Harley V Twin. And not thinking nothing of it just squirted it in there all around. And Oh, Uh Just last week, I put a motor sprocket on it, just sitting and tightened it up - and the motor turned over ! And I had no, I would have thought Not You know..."

USA: "How long was it stuck ?"

Collector: " How What?" (didn't catch the question)

USA: "How long was it stuck?"

Collector: "I don't even know - I mean - You know.."

USA: "As long as you had it ???"

Collector: "Oh Yea!! YEA!.. It was uh, I must have had it for Ten years.. Just sitting there.. and I was always spraying - stuff on all the nuts, and just to keep it lubed You know, and I brought this Home (Strong Arm) and tried it and uh; but being a 1938 and sitting forever you know.. I tightened the nut up and all of a sudden the motor turned over !.."

USA: "What did you use to tighten with the socket - A ratchet ??"

Collector: "Yea - A ratchet on the nut..."

USA: "How many pounds of torque did you give on the ratchet ??

Collector: "AW!--- IT was not much.. A few pounds..

USA: "Ten pounds of pressure ???"

Collector: "Yea it was only a little"

USA: "And it was enough to make it roll over.."

Collector: "YEA!.. Yea.."

USA: "Ain't that something."

Collector: "Because I had - the plugs were loose in there you know and I..."

USA: "That's why they call it Canned Muscle.."

Collector: "....I really like it...!"

USA: "It does the job, That's what's important."

Collector; "YEA.. Yea..."

USA: "....We appreciate that..."

End of Transcript.
# # #

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