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GRUMPY's Motorcycle Shop
How to Make $2,000 from rusty crap and parts lying in boxes.
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Transcript of Testimony being said here by customer...
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Transcript of a customer's unpaid, unsolicited testimony: Grumpy's Classic Motorcycle Repair.

Mechanic - Grumpy..
USA Fluid Guy - abbreviation: USA..

Mechanic: ....My Friends -- I used this stuff on rusty crap and they just went WHAT !!??... And I've used a whole can and I'm taking rusty exhaust pipes that are rusted right to the crap..
Mechanic: You know; it takes it right off... Handlebars., Everything I had in my deal today I've cleaned up with that and I just used the last of a can.
USA: "And you made 2 grand !??.."
Mechanic: "Two Thousand Dollars !!"
USA: "Selling what - on bikes?"
Mechanic: "On Used Parts."
USA "On Used Parts..!?"
Mechanic: "Used parts Yea."
USA: "And ALL of them Cleaned with StrongArm!??"
Mechanic: "Yes. All of them cleaned with StrongArm.."
USA: "So you, you think this stuff is good aye ?"
Mechanic: "BEST I'VE EVER SEEN !!! UNBELIEVABLE!.. You buy stuff you know and they say it does this, it does that, and THIS stuff works."
USA: "It does the job.."
Mechanic: "It does the job. More then I ever expected."
USA: "We appreciate your testimony."
Mechanic: "Aw! ..It It's Amazing. I took old rusty exhaust pipes, and cleaned them right to brand new!."
USA: "Uh Huh.. Chrome stuff...."
Mechanic: "Chrome."
USA: "You put it on paint. You can clean up paint."
Mechanic: "Paint - Aluminum - Chrome - EVERYTHING! Everything...."
USA: "Seats, Vinyl, Leather...."
Mechanic: EVERYTHING!"
USA: "Everything."
Mechanic: "Yep."
USA: "Front Tire to the back."
Mechanic: "Yup. Completely..! I had my 650 over here yesterday. A 77 KZ-650. That I put together and cleaned and that's where I used the last of the can.. (of USA Fluid - Unlimited StrongArm)
USA: "Really!".
Mechanic: " Front tire to the rear tire on that bike and I sold it. Amazing. Amazing! So I'll be ordering a lot more."
USA: "The best value on the market."
Mechanic: "Absolutely!.. Absolutely... Yup ! You ain't getting enough money for it."
USA: "Eh He he he he he. Ain't that something!"
Mechanic: "I know!! You should be getting Double ! He Huh Yea!!"
USA: "It's worth A Hundred Bucks a can!!"
Mechanic: "Yea. Absolutely...! "
USA: "I mean If for every ten dollar can you save a Thousand Dollars.."
Mechanic: "Oh, Absolutely. It was all due to that one can you gave me (exactly a year ago)."
USA: "Yea."
Mechanic: "I started three weeks ago and started cleaning these old rusty bikes."
USA: "It launched you into business."
Mechanic: "Absolutely!"
USA: "Your Not Grumpy any more then..."
Mechanic: "Ah, Well that's still my name; but I'm not anymore.."
USA: "Yea. He Ha Ha Ha.. Unlimited StrongArm Took The Grumpy out of ya !!"
Mechanic: "It did. Yea.."
USA: "It takes all the fight out of it when you work on it don't you think..?"
Mechanic: "Oh God! It This stuff is just amazing... You know you hear so many products that say it does this, it does that and you take it home, and it doesn't do anything, but Unlimited StrongArm Does - probably 100 Percent More than I thought it was going to do. It is amazing."
USA: "We're happy to know it."
Mechanic: "It is amazing. And I've got a whole lot more stuff that's why I got this (more StrongArm) from you..."
USA: "You'd better go to that junk yard with the 20,000 motorcycles.."
Mechanic: "I have a junk yard!"
USA: "There you go!"
Mechanic: "I do. I knew I was gonna catch ya but I've been so busy because of your product.
USA: "...Did you put it on any metal and paint over it and check that out..?"
Mechanic: "Yea Yea.. We painted gas tanks."
USA: "Paint right over it!."
Mechanic: "Yea. Right over top of it."
USA: "Beautiful."
Mechanic: "I thought it was going to leave an oil base, you know... It Doesn't.. Paint adheres right to it."
USA: "Bake it a little bit in the sun, and it's good to go.."
Mechanic: "Absolutely. Unbelievable Product.!!...
USA: "Amen"
Mechanic: "Aye, Unbelievable."
USA: "It's designed by industry to do that job.."
Mechanic: "I know it."

Now THIS is exactly what we here at USA Fluid mean when we say: "TO USE IT is  TO KNOW IT!!"

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