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Shop Smith Cleanup and Restoration

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Customer Submitted Testimony and Pictures..

"Here are some photos taken from my $25.00 garage sale Shop-Smith Project.
There are 'before' pictures that show the rust as one solid sheet on the tubes of the Shop - Smith. I used a white back ground from a post office box to show how dark and solid the rust was. I included 'during' that shows a single spot polished out. Then there are 'after' shots where the tubes are completely buffed out with the exception of the picture that shows some left over rust around the base where I left the rust on intentionally for a contrast shot. I did have to use several coats with power tools to buff out the rust. But this product worked extremely well and only took about 5 hours. Figured out how to use your Unlimited Strong Arm product from the video with the bumper from a 50's car. Love this product!"  .....Scott S.
Shop Smith Totally Cleaned and Restored with StrongArm Brand Products. This machine was taken from a garage where it layed rusting for decades.
Here's the Shop Smith as it arrived from the yard sale purchase.
Shop Smith Cleaning with StrongArm is a breeze after years laying abandoned
The initial cleaning of the rails.
Shop Smith Cleaning is a breeze with StrongArm after decades of abandonment.
Detail of the cleaning as it proceeds
Shop Smith Cleaning With StrongArm Detail on Rust Removal of posts.
Detail of the post rail entry showing the cleaned surface and the rusted surface not yet cleaned.
Shop Smith Rails Cleaned and Restored with StrongArm Brand Products with very little effort.
Detail of the cleaned up rails.
Shop Smith Rail Detail of StrongArm Reclaimation.
Final Detail of A restored Shop Smith Machine for the shop

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